Update a Booking

Do you need to update your booking?

You can simple update, reschedule or cancel your booking by completing the form below.

Please be aware:

  • Jobs which have already been processed, allocated or completed cannot be modified.
  • Jobs cannot be rescheduled within 24 hours of the booking date.
  • Addresses can only be updated within the same suburb as the job booking. If you require an address change to a different suburb please cancel your job and book a new job.
  • Cancellations, as per booking terms and conditions, depending on your service may not be eligible for refunds.

    View booking terms and conditions.

    Please be aware of the service speed expectations based on the option you have selected:
    Same Day Delivery – pick up any time and delivery any time the same day when booked before 4pm.
    Express – pick up and delivery within 2 hours*.
    Standard – pick up and delivery within 4 hours*.

    For all other update requests please contact us.