How to Book

Want you learn more about how to book your GiFD job correctly?

Read on below for each step of the booking process and how you can ensure that all the details we require to complete your delivery successfully is provided.


1. Get Your Quote – simply follow the steps to compare pricing options depending on the service inclusions that you select.

  • Decide if you require a delivery to occur the same day with the options; Express 2hr (EXP), Standard 4hr or Same Day Delivered (SDD); or a next day with Next Day Delivered (NDD).
  • Enter the full pickup address.
    • For frequently used pickup addresses you can also select from saved addresses.
  • Enter the full delivery address.
    • For frequently used delivery addresses you can also select from saved addresses.
  • Select the size of the job – small, medium, large or extra large.
  • The delivery distance should then automatically be calculated.
  • You will then be provided with the pricing options for SDD,¬†STD, EXP service options to select.
  • Click on the ‘book now’ button to proceed to the next page.

2. Book Your Job – ensuring you enter all the pickup and delivery details correctly will assist in our drivers completing your delivery in a reliable and timely manner based on your requirements.

  • Your details will be prepopulated on the booking page.
  • You can save your pickup or delivery address by checking the ‘save this address’ box.
  • Select if you want add on insurance excess waiver.
  • Select the proof of delivery option you are after – learn more about PODs.
  • Enter the item(s) you are sending in the ‘please tell us what you are sending’ box.
    • Where possible, please provide quantity, dimensions, and weight of the items you are sending. Estimates are fine.
  • Select the date for pickup.
    • Please note if you require after hours, weekend or public holiday GiFD services please contact us. Otherwise all bookings on such days will be automatically allocated to the next business day.
  • Select the time ready for pickup.
    • Please be aware the pickup priority will be inline with the service you have selected.
    • We request that items are ready for collection for our drivers to avoid delays to their run schedules.
    • Additional charges may apply for waiting times that exceed 5 minutes.
    • In some instances drivers may not be able to wait for items to be prepared and be instructed to move to the their next job.
  • Select your pickup availability.
    • Where possible leave items safely for collection at your address.
    • This information allows the dispatcher to try to allocate pickup before your business closes.
    • If we are unable to pick before this time for a SDD job it will be allocated to the next business day.
  • Select a delivery option for the ‘what would you like us to do?’
    • ‘Delivery anytime’ means our drivers can complete this delivery at anytime to your knowledge.
    • ‘Hold if unable to deliver’ means our drivers will not attempt delivery after this time and your job will be reallocated to the next business day. As our drivers do not attempt to unsuccessfully deliver in these instances no additional charges are applied for the hold.
    • IMPORTANT – if you have a delivery time frame please book / upgrade to our Express (EXP) 2 hour or Standard (STD) 4 hour service to ensure your deliveries are completed in time as per your requirement.
  • Enter the sender business name (if applicable
    • This is highly helpful for the driver to identify quickly and correctly the location to pickup from.
  • Enter the sender contact name.
  • Enter the sender mobile number.
    • When a mobile number is provided the sender will also receive confirmation via SMS once the delivery has been completed.
  • Enter any sender notes to assist the driver with pickup.
  • Enter the receiver business (if applicable)
    • This is highly helpful for the driver to identify quickly and correctly the location to deliver to.
  • Enter the receiver contact name.
  • Enter the receiver mobile number
    • When a mobile number is provided the receiver will also receive confirmation via SMS once the delivery has been completed.
  • Enter any receiver notes to assist the driver with delivery.
  • If you have a referral code this can be entered.
    • Please note: if you have a promotional code this is entered on the next page when you complete checkout – unless you have a Plus Account.
  • Click the ‘book this job’ button to submit your job and you will redirected to the Stripe payment page.
    • Note: if you have not completed a required field you may receive an error message. Please check all fields have been completed and resubmit your job by clicking the button again.

3. Finalizing Your Job Booking With Payment Рfor all standard accounts the final step is completing payment.

  • Check your payment total is correct.
  • You can enter any ‘promotional code’ you have been provided on this page.
  • Enter your email for your receipt.
  • Securely enter your credit card details.
    • To save time for future job bookings you can ‘save my info for secure 1-click checkout’. You will be asked to enter your mobile number to set this up. For all future job bookings you will receive an authentication code to your mobile number provided saving you time to have to enter your card details each time.
  • Click the ‘pay’ button to complete your booking.
  • You will be redirected back to the GiFD website and receive your booking confirmation and job number.
    • Note: depending on your internet speed this may take several seconds. Please do not refresh or close your browser page at this stage.


View booking terms and conditions.

Please be aware of the service speed expectations based on the option you have selected:
Same Day Delivery – pick up any time and delivery any time the same day when booked before 4pm.
Express – pick up and delivery within 2 hours*.
Standard – pick up and delivery within 4 hours*.